Artistic. Innovative. Bold.

Progressive and visionary design coupled with a passionate attention to detail, has seen Leonie emerge as a distinct voice in the realm of bridal couture. Inspired by and made for the self-assured, liberated woman of the modern era, the label ventures into new grounds untravelled by the industry’s mainstream and offers a contemporary yet always feminine statement.

In a celebration of creativity nature inspired motifs are crossed with art world influences and serve as the base for the creation of each collection. Within the collection itself, from the very first ideas and sketches, to the materialisation of the final masterpiece – each gown is forged with an entirely distinct identity of its own.

Despite the modern quintessence, Leonie remains an authentic embodiment of Haute Couture. Renowned for its in-house textile fabrication through the creation of intricate handmade ornaments and use of artisanal techniques in a fashion-forward manner. Supreme pattern makers are in charge of creating the iconic sought after silhouettes and a standard of impeccable quality is set by its well versed seamstresses. These core elements come together to achieve true luxury and sophistication in each and every gown.